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Have You Tried?

Have you tried this online long distance dating?

Let me tell you of my first experience with LDR .

My first time I met this guy online Facebook, he was always liking my pictures and posts and he sent me a message and we hit it off talking and a week later decided to exchange numbers to call but we were still friends.

When we starting to talk on the phone all night long we both noticed we had mutually feelings for one another and he kept asking me am I talking and flirting with other men, I told him no so then he asked me out.

So did we stay together? No, it turned out he kept making excuses why he could not visit me after the three months of talking on the phone and making plans and when I would offer to visit him here comes more excuses.

LDR isn't for me . Good luck everyone and may you guys have a better success than I did.

#LDR #TriedThis #NoLuck

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